Easy Vegan: Hassle-free Ways to Make the Switch


It’s easy to replace meat, fish, eggs and dairy products!


Veganise your favourites


Eggs away!

  • Use silken tofu  for sauces, quiches and desserts such as mousse or cheesecake firmer varieties for stir-fries, salads etc.
  • Scrambled? If you miss your morning scrambled egg on toast, try scrambling tofu instead. Here’s are some of our favourite egg alternative recipes  
  • And check out Aquafaba, the current big foodie secret. Simple, cheap and amazing.


Go dairy-free

Replace cow’s or other dairy milk with fortified soya, almond or oat. rice, There are other non-dairy milks available such as quinoa, coconut (pouring) and hazelnut – try them and see what suits you! It couldn’t be easier.


Replace the cheese!

Try one of the melting dairy-free range from Violife, Sheese or VBites on top of pizzas or pasta.  Encourage your local pizza restaurant to offer vegan cheese if they’re not already doing so (they’re springing up all over the place!) Cream cheese (vegan of course) is also delicious on pizza – eg Tesco, Sheese or Tofutti brands. Use all varieties only occasionally and in small helpings as they are quite high in fat. All are  available from health stores and many supermarkets, especially Tesco and Ocado.

  • Click here for our handy guide Everyone’s Going Dairy-free – milk, yoghurt, butter, cream, cheese… what to use instead and where to buy it

Baking without eggs, butter or dairy. It’s easy!


Meat Out! There are plenty of simple and delicious ways to replace meat.

Tofu. Also known as (soya) bean curd, this ancient Oriental food is crammed with protein, calcium and other goodies. It comes in different flavours and textures and is amazingly versatile as well as very healthy – we use it for sweet as well as savoury dishes.


Praise Seitan! Seitan or gluten is another meat substitute.  It is the protein-rich heart of wheat and has been eaten in the Orient for thousands of year. Absolutely delicious – although not for the gluten-free – it is available as

  • Mock Duck (Granovita, tins, health food shops)
  • Seitan (jars, Yakso or Lima brand, health food shops)
  • Gluten, or ‘vegetarian chicken’ or ‘vegetarian duck’! (Oriental shops, tins, Coronation brand etc or frozen)

It’s also easy to make at home: Click here for our Seitan Secrets


TVP or textured vegetable protein is available as soya  mince or chunky varieties – the chunks work well in stews, chillis and curries. Frozen vegetarian mince is even better – try health stores and/or supermarkets for Linda McCartney, Fry’s, Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury’s own brand. Click here for some TVP recipes

Tempeh is made from fermented soya beans. Buy it frozen in slabs – chop into cubes, sauté in a little oil until golden brown then add to coconut curries or stews. Or buy ready made rashers or pieces from the chill section in good health stores – the rashers can be grilled to make a great sarnie and the pieces can be used in just about anything. Click here for tempeh rashers and other recipes using tempeh

Full of Beans

Peas, beans and lentils are the same family – pulses  or legumes –and are nutritional miracles, full of protein, iron and calcium, which is why they are the staple diet of most of the world’s population! They are widely available in tins, pre-cooked. Or you can cook them yourself. They’re used all over the world as a staple in countless dishes.


Fish free for life – our guide gives you lovely recipes as well as explaining  why you don’t need to engage with the  pollution, environmental damage and cruelty

Alternative Omega 3 sources: